Patent Translation


High-quality Translation Comes From “Total Power”

Correct Understanding of Problems of the Prior Arts and Advantages of the Inventions
  • We translate the “ideas to be conveyed” in the original text faithfully without including too much or too little.
  • We select the most appropriate translator for the technical field.
Avoidance of the Risks of Losing any Rights Due to Mistranslation
  • We avert an office action due to an improper description of the original text.
    (We point out the problems in the original text by way of the comments of the translator.)
Logical Reading and Writing of Japanese
  • We read the original text thoroughly with intellectual curiosity.
  • We express the technical content more clearly and more briefly.
Reliability and Trust based on both Quality and Security (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 obtained)
  • We reflect the client’s opinions and requests obtained through QE questionnaires in the next cases.
  • We have been given favorable reviews for consistent and reliable quality accomplished by the translator designation service.

Scope of Businesses

Patent translation, representing clients for foreign application, and patent search

Practice Areas

Specifications for domestic and foreign applications, documents in patent prosecution, patent publications, technical documents, contracts, opinions of counsel, legal documents, etc.

Technical Field

Information technology, image processing, computers, software, communications, networks, electronic circuits, printers, digital cameras, recording devices, control devices, semiconductor devices, exposure devices, communication equipments, liquid crystal displays, working machines, robots, automobiles, fuel cells, game instruments, medical instruments, metal, chemistry in general, biochemistry, pharmaceutical products, foods, etc.


English, German, French, Chinese and Korean

Editing of Documents for Application

Making drawings, inputting equations, tables and chemical structural formulas, processing of image data, etc.

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