Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity

Customers are our highest priority

Since the established, our motto has always been “faithfulness, sincerity and quality.” We have full confidence to live up to your expectations, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Creation of new culture

We are flexible and responsive to the change of the times. Our aim as a corporation is to create a new culture that can contribute to society.

Fostering of Talented Personal

A company is its people. Therefore, we help our employees to express their potential and thrive themselves by acquiring technical skills, maturing as a person, and deepening their insight, so that they can take a board view and perspective of situations.

Welfare for Employees

We aspire to improve the comfort, richness, and the cultivation of the individually of the employees.

Employee Satisfaction

We aim to build an environment in which each one of employees voluntarily makes efforts so that they can work responsibly and proudly.

Corporate foundation

We ensure reasonable profit and strength the foundation for corporate growth.