Flow From Request to Delivery


Patent/Design Drawings


■ Ways to Request
Fax, email, mailing, parcel delivery, hand delivered etc.
■ Request Media
Paper, data, pictures, objects, rough sketches, design drawings (drawing sheet), 3D data

Receipt confirmation, content confirmation of the draft

Commencement of the work

The most appropriate staff person will handle the job according to the request.

■ Delivery Date

Patent Drawings:
3 working days
(e.g. if you make a request on Monday, the delivery day will be Thursday of the same week.)
Design Drawings:
1 to 2 weeks from the request.

Check of Drawings

Write in your instructions for changes or adjustments in the drawings for checking we send to you, and return it to us by fax or email. We will handle it until you are satisfied.


We deliver the ordered materials by BMP, GIF, JPEG or PDF data in accordance with the application form.
At your request, we can deliver the ordered materials in the form of the specified data of the drawings using Illustrator®, Visio®, PowerPoint® etc. and you can make small changes such as symbols and job numbers.
In addition we do not charge an additional fee when we deliver 2 data at the same time.

■ Delivery Methods

Email, mailing, parcel delivery, hand delivered etc.

Design Pictures


■ Ways to Request

Telephone, mailing and parcel delivery


After receiving the materials, we will call you to listen to your requests.
We can also visit you to receive the materials directly and discuss the details. At your request, we can visit you to take pictures.


Take pictures at our studio.
(In principle, it is digital photographing. At your request, we can do analog photographing.)

Image Processing

Adjust and process images. Free for small processing such as deleting letters or logos. At your request, we can do the following.

  • Color the portions outside the scope of the partial designs.
  • Correct the scratches and dents.
  • Insert the explanations (additional fee)


Able to deliver within 4 days to 1 week after we receive the materials. If you are in a hurry, please let us know it.