Patent Drawings/Design Drawings /Design Photos


We provide speedy, accurate and high-quality services with genuine skills based on an abundance of experience.

Patent Drawings

Ability to Make Good Suggestions

After listening to the clients respecting the points of the invention application forms and wishes, we make suggestions and the appropriate drawings.

Abundance of Experience and Accomplishments

Skilled experts with 10 to 20 year experience make drawings quickly and appropriately.
We make drawings not only from rough sketches, but also from photos or real objects.

Domestic and Foreign Applications

We can offer a one-stop service of preparing a translation and drawings for foreign applications.
In cases where we have made drawings for your domestic application, we are able to make drawings for a corresponding foreign application at a discount price based on the domestic data.

Quick Delivery and Volume Order Possible

We can make and deliver the ordered drawings etc. within 3 working days from the order. We have a lot of on-call staffs to meet your request for a quicker delivery or a volume order.

Design Drawings

Design-dedicated staff members make high-quality drawings of your precious designs.

  • We make drawings from real objects, other drawings, and pictures.
  • We suggest you the best way on the basis of an interview with you.
  • We can make shaded drawings for a foreign application.
  • We can make drawings for a foreign application based on the design pictures we took for your domestic application.

Design Pictures/3D Trademark Photos

Photos are taken by dedicated photographers who have been highly regarded by major companies.

  • We take photos and process the images appropriately for the objects in order to express their textures and characteristics accurately.
  • Simple processing is covered by the basis rate.
  • We can take photos for 3D trademark applications, product catalogs, and manuals.

We carefully follow your instructions regarding request forms, specifications, data forms, ways of delivery, etc. (See the back page for details.)

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