Patent File Computerization Service


Our abundant experiences makes it possible to provide the most suitable service for you.
We offer the most suitable computerization for you based on our unique consultation!

Overview of Working Flow

Prehension of
Current Circumstances
The way of storage of patent files differs from company to company (or sometimes person to person in charge).

After an interview with you, we make a prototype (trial version) using a real file (for a charge).

Making Prototypes
/Adjustment Based on Prototype
By adding improvements to the prototype, we realize the most suitable file computerization for your company.

We carry out computerization in your office or in our office. The files will be stored in our office.


Feedback from the Clients

  • Since the computerized files are well-organized, it was easy to take over.
  • Computerized files are very convenient because it is much easier to find documents of purpose than in paper files.
  • We had no worries in requesting because we had got an image of the computerized file from the prototype.
  • We appreciated your advice because we had had no idea of how to computerize the files.
  • The prototypes presented with different prices were favorably spoken in our company.


■ Proposal of the Best Way of Computerization
We propose the most suitable computerization plan based on our experience in computerizing different files of various categories of businesses. We especially have an abundance of experience in computerizing foreign patent files.
■ High Quality and Low Prices
Proficiency and efficiency realize competitive prices.
■ File Arrangement Service
Certified specialists with intellectual property management skills handle the work. Therefore, even unarranged files can be computerized appropriately.
■ Reliable Quality and Security
We have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. You can safety trust us.
■ Disposal of Documents
At your request, we will issue a certificate of dissolution treatment.
■ On-sight Work in Your Office
We work onsite (in your office) with our equipments.
■ Computerization of Various Documents
We can handle various documents with specialized scanners, large scanners(compatible with A-0 size), book scanners, etc.
■ Sudden Request for Document Return Possible
Since we do all works in house, we can return files promptly upon your repuest.

Advantages of File Computerization

■ Space Saving
Solve the big problems of long term storage and arrangement of a large amount of documents.
■ OJT (on-the-job training)
The computerized files are useful as reference materials for preparing specifications, arguments and amendments.
■ Share/Use of Patents (Trademarks/Designs)
You can refer to them anytime.
■ Reduction of Management Costs of Patent Files
The computerization enables a central management of the patent files instead of individual management at the headquarters, research centers, branches, etc. This can reduce the management costs.
■ Standardization/Rationalization/Simplification of File Management
Well-arranged computerized files can be taken over quickly.
■ Solution of the Problem of Missing Files
Unlike paper files, computerized files never go missing.
■ Avoidance of Risks in case of Disasters
If computerized packages are appropriately managed, the risk management will be easier since they can be backed up easily.
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